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Color Theory Shop

It's no secret Instagram became a wonderful place for artists and crafters to share their work and meet other creatives. That's exactly how I came to know Lisa Berg and her wonderful Color Theory Shop . She's not only the nicest gal, but I'm a proud shopper of her products as well.  And since we started to exchange words and pins, I got more curious and decided to not only share her work but also offer a space here for these amazing female business owners, so here's a little interview.  My name is Lisa and I am a designer, color lover, cat lady, and obsessed with all things mid-century.  I grew up in the rainy woods of Oregon but have been a desert dweller based in Phoenix, AZ for 17 years.  I own a shop called Color Theory, where I sell pins, patches, and jewelry. How did you start with the idea of being a maker and how Color Theory  was born? Were there any challenges on the way?  I have been a maker and crafter for awhile now and have