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Color Theory Shop

It's no secret Instagram became a wonderful place for artists and crafters to share their work and meet other creatives. That's exactly how I came to know Lisa Berg and her wonderful Color Theory Shop. She's not only the nicest gal, but I'm a proud shopper of her products as well. 

And since we started to exchange words and pins, I got more curious and decided to not only share her work but also offer a space here for these amazing female business owners, so here's a little interview. 

My name is Lisa and I am a designer, color lover, cat lady, and obsessed with all things mid-century. I grew up in the rainy woods of Oregon but have been a desert dweller based in Phoenix, AZ for 17 years. I own a shop called Color Theory, where I sell pins, patches, and jewelry.

How did you start with the idea of being a maker and how Color Theory was born? Were there any challenges on the way? 

I have been a maker and crafter for awhile now and have gone through a lot of versions of my shop before the current version of Color Theory. Originally I sold hand-knit pieces, aprons, jewelry, and vintage, before focusing on graphic design based products. I've had many challenges along the way such as narrowing in on my focus, and marketing myself- which can be difficult as an introvert! 

Despite having many different products, they all come together in terms of aesthetics and style, is there a creative process you like to follow? 

Thank you! I am drawn to so many different things, and sometimes it does feel like my style is a little all over the place :) Part of why I settled on the name Color Theory is I felt like it wouldn't pigeon hole me into one aesthetic and would give me freedom to explore different mediums and styles as my interests change. I try to release items in similar collections and take photos on consistent backdrops to help it look more cohesive.

Based on your work, what would you say are your favorite themes?

I am always drawn to colorful and retro design. And cats! :) This year I have been more involved politically, and I would definitely say that's influenced my designs. My favorite collection this year were pins and patches that I donate a portion of the sales to causes that are important to me. I know it is often discouraged for businesses to speak out politically, but it is important to me to feel like my business represents me and stays true to my values.

Thank you so much Lisa! You can shop these all amazing items at her Color Theory Shop on Etsy. Don't forget to also check her Instagram account! It's full of colors and cuteness! @colortheoryshop