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Color Theory Shop

It's no secret Instagram became a wonderful place for artists and crafters to share their work and meet other creatives. That's exactly how I came to know Lisa Berg and her wonderful Color Theory Shop. She's not only the nicest gal, but I'm a proud shopper of her products as well. 

And since we started to exchange words and pins, I got more curious and decided to not only share her work but also offer a space here for these amazing female business owners, so here's a little interview. 

My name is Lisa and I am a designer, color lover, cat lady, and obsessed with all things mid-century. I grew up in the rainy woods of Oregon but have been a desert dweller based in Phoenix, AZ for 17 years. I own a shop called Color Theory, where I sell pins, patches, and jewelry.

How did you start with the idea of being a maker and how Color Theory was born? Were there any challenges on the way? 
I have been a maker and crafter for awhile now and have gone through a lot of versions of m…

Felt Pockets

I stumbled across the work of the talented Becky Margraf through her 100 Felt Faces project but I decided to feature another collection of hers, Felt Pockets. They make me rethink about all my basic boring shirts and the infinite options when you're creative and good with handmade works. See for yourself and let me know what you think.

Beardbangs Ceramics

These cuties you're seeing here belong to Alicia Zwicewicz, a ceramicist, designer and painter based in Toronto, Canada. Alicia has become well-known in the ceramics and design community for this featured collection "Beardbangs Ceramics". Her art is influenced by vintage children's ware and Scandinavian folk art.

For more about of her work and other pieces, you can visit the website and her Etsy store.

Pana Objects

I love things made of wood and today I discovered this, and I'm in love. Everything's so delicate and minimalist, the designs are simply beautiful to see. Pana Objects is a brand based in Thailand. On their words "Pana is the Thai word for forest, therefore Pana Objects means "The Creation of The Forest", we believe in wood and fall in love with the charm of its natural beauty". 

They sure put a lot of creativity in every detail. The Crackie Tape Holder is definitely my favorite!


I was walking in Manhattan to meet a friend when I came across a store with the cutest bikes on the sidewalk and as a bike lover I just stood there in awe, admiring the pretty colors and amazing retro design. When I went online I took a peek to found out a little more about tokyobike and I thought, well, you should see them too. 

Now, the prices are a bit high, they're not the usual affordable bike you can find digging around the city, we're talking more of a luxury item here but still, if you can afford one of these beauties I bet you'll look fabulous on it!

More about tokyobike

Pastel Inspiration