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Cute Animal Toys by Santani

A 23-year-old Russian artist, known as Santani by the DeviantArt community, combines fantasy and realism in her impressive doll sculptures. Santani creates these dolls using materials like fimo clay, cernit, sculpey, sonnet and fabric fur, which makes the solid sculptures look like fluffy creatures. In case you're interested in buying a doll, write to this email: For now, she don't sell overseas but maybe soon she will. So, if you live in Moscow, lucky you! Via Demilked


This collection of furniture is one of those we must have. It's quirky and fairytale-like. D esigned by  Kamina & C  (Tokyo), an apparel designer who started to experiment with furniture design,  applying his humorous and flexible approach to these incredible pieces.  Don't worry, this is not real fur PETA friends! Sorry but I'm having some trouble finding out where to buy, it seems to be around  $500.00 each. Good luck!

The Flying Hedgehog Darcy

I don't usually do  this kind of post around here but I need to make an exception. This is  “The Flying Hedgehog Darcy", a  photographic series by  Shota Tsukamoto about her adventurous  hedgehog. Follow her Instagram and be delighted.

Sleep Tight, Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite

A collection of the cutest pillows to make you feel safe and protect you from any monster under the bed. Even those big ones with  their  big teeth , or their sharp  claws , or twelve eyes! From Savage Seeds . From Lost Pigeon . From Angela Natural Decor . From Lovely Pillow Cases . From flywing99 . From Cuore .

Diana Sudyka

I've recently found Diana Sudyka website and I'm in love with her work. She's  an illustrator from Chicago that creates for a broad range of areas: editorial, book, album art and screen printed gig posters. Musicians that she has created work for include: Andrew Bird, St. Vincent, The Black Keys, Iron & Wine, The Decemberists, and Modest Mouse. Artists who I personally recommend for you to listen because they're great (if you enjoy folk/americana genre of music). I remember that I've made lots of compliments about the art style they use so I'm happy to discover who did it.