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Showing posts from August 11, 2013

Emily Blincoe Sugar Series

Emily Blincoe is an artist from Austin, Texas. Apparently, she likes to collect and classify things. This is cute, what a sugar overdose. You can see more on her website .

Scott Tolleson

Today I'm going to present you the amazing toy art by Scott Tolleson , an artist from Atlanta, GA currently living in Los Angeles. In his own words, he's a toy junkie, obsessed with collecting, designing and creating toys. His inspiration comes from comic books, pop culture, family (aww) and childhood.  And look at this, since '98 he has worked with Walt Disney Company in the Entertainment Productions Department where he has designed pieces for various parades, venues and merchandise. How cool is that? So, here it is. Have fun.

I Paint The Roses Blue

Hello! Today's featured artist is Raine Sarmiento , an Illustrator from the Philippines, based in Manila. Her incredible art has selected clients like Candy Magazine and Total Girl Philippines and not just that, also a published book called "The Candy Girl's Guide to Guys". She has participated in art events and exhibits and I'm pretty sure she has a lot of success ahead. You go girl! If can find more of her work on her Blog and Portfolio. Follow on Twitter and Facebook ! And why not on Instagram .