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Showing posts from August 4, 2013

PinkGhost Shop

Do you know PinkGhost Shop has a cute jewelry collection made with 100% maple wood...and many other cool stuff? Oh, they do. Here we have Rainbow Bear from Crowded Teeth , Afro Kelvin from Piktorama and Chubby Unicorn from Pow Pao. Aren't they sweet? I need them! Do you want moaar? Okay, I give you moar. How about this lovely books? Also available at PinkGhost . Go get them!

Miss Ella Shop

Hello! How long it's been since the last post? I don't even know! Well...but dreams never end. They just take a break :) For this comeback post, I'll present you this lovely store from Miss Ella Goodwin . She is an Illustrator, Designer and Fancy Things Maker from Norwich, England. Not hard to notice she's a cat lover just like me. I received her email full of cute stuff and I said "Sure! Don't need to ask twice". Hope you like it as much as I do.