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Showing posts from August 4, 2013

PinkGhost Shop

Do you know PinkGhost Shop has a cute jewelry collection made with 100% maple wood...and many other cool stuff? Oh, they do. Here we have Rainbow Bear from Crowded Teeth, Afro Kelvin from Piktorama and Chubby Unicorn from Pow Pao. Aren't they sweet? I need them!

Do you want moaar? Okay, I give you moar. How about this lovely books? Also available at PinkGhost. Go get them!

Miss Ella Shop

Hello! How long it's been since the last post? I don't even know! Well...but dreams never end. They just take a break :)

For this comeback post, I'll present you this lovely store from Miss Ella Goodwin. She is an Illustrator, Designer and Fancy Things Maker from Norwich, England. Not hard to notice she's a cat lover just like me. I received her email full of cute stuff and I said "Sure! Don't need to ask twice". Hope you like it as much as I do.