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Showing posts from May 6, 2012

cute song of the day

Hey... Sell me a sign I'll cut the telephone line Just to keep the quotations alive Oh you're bleeding me dry But the feeling is blind And I know you're looking divine. Sell me it straight Oh, it might be too late Keep on breaking the rules Oh... A woah ah oh you're my clean white love A woah ah oh you're too clean white love What are you doing? What you doing, what ya doing to me? What are you doing to my head? ...

hipster owls by pete ellison

Pete Ellison is a multimedia artist living and working in Portland, OR. He likes to draw cute things and create characters that are fun, iconic and memorable. He sent me a cute email asking for a place here so there's it is! Totally deserve it! I love owls  ♥

maqaroon cuties + milk portrait

Maqaroon® was created by award-winning manga illustrator Joanna Zhou.  Her vision was to create a brand that’s adorable yet sophisticated, with cultural inspiration from all over the world...and so Maqaroon was born!  You’ll find everything from Gothic Lolita and Gyaru to Hipsters and Prepsters. And guess who was featured as part of the cute cute gallery of  Maqaroon website? Yep, Milk Overdose! How cute is this version of my blog by the style of Joanna dolls? Lovely! In the same gallery you can see my blog friends Tokyo Bunnie and Hawaii Kawaii ! But this isn't everything! She also has an online store! Check it out some products:

the camera collection

Hey everybody! Sorry to say I was almost giving up of Milk Overdose for the lack of time to dedicate to my blog and everything else related. But I don't want to, not yet. I think it's been a wonderful path to get here, with lots of fans and readers and partners. So I decided to give it one more chance. Here's a cute pixel art video about the camera models through history. Hope you like it! It's good to be here again.