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cute harry potter jewelry by foowahu

These Harry Potter cuties are made by Nicole Peterson and they are available at her Etsy store. Love it!


  1. Replies
    1. i would be happy with the clock 'n' owl necklace <3

  2. oi, meu blog está de volta, conto com o seu apoio, ajudando com dicar de post... obrigada! beijo

  3. OHMGEE!! I love everything!! would do anything to have them!! haha :D

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  4. oe, tem sorteio no blog ((:
    beijo e boa semana

  5. How cute!!! I love the first one :D

  6. Super cute..I love the little deer.
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    regards!! And happy holiday

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  8. I love the style of the necklaces especially the wach. So pretty!


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