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Showing posts from July 24, 2011

comic-con 2011 - amazing cosplays!

It would be a dream come true if I was in this gallery . I've made a few cosplays around here but nothing serious like these guys. Going to the Comic-Con it's my major wish, seriously. There's nothing I want more, besides going to Japan. Not just for the amazing cosplays but it's a unique chance to reunite all the world geekness in a single event. So...while am I dreaming awake, I'll show you some of my favorites. Did I mentioned I'm a Star Wars fan? It's not necessary, you will notice. About comic books, I'm totally addicted. My favorite hero is Batman, since always. And Iron Man is pretty cool also. But look at this Katamari girl, so cute! And the Deadmau5 guy, awesome! There's a few cute trekkies too, I must admit. Someone pleeeease...take me next year? :3

yarn attack!

Oh, this is beautiful! Anyone wants to do the same in my city? Cos I would love to but I'm no good with knitting ♥