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lego ads - fiction turns reality into a cute world

I don't have much information about these amazing Lego Ads but I had to share this with you. If anyone knows where these are located, please leave a comment!

chuck taylor super mario bros

Hey everybody! It's been a while since my last post. Oh, I do feel terrible when I don't have time for my blog. Really. My work is consuming me and I'm feeling so tired...but I'm still here! So let's continue to fill the world with cuteness. Now it's the time you think "CONVERSE WHY Y NO SELL THIS IN OTHER COUNTRIES?". Yep, it made me feel a little bit jealous from all japan girls & boys who can buy this amazing Mario Bros version of my beloved sneaker. For now...all we can do is cry. Or ask to a good friend to send one of these by mail. Via Converse All Star