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Showing posts from June 5, 2011

10 things about me

I love music. I need music like I need oxygen. My inspiration and dreams comes from what I listen to. I love books. I love collecting them. I like the smell of printed pages. This is something I'm afraid to be taken of by technology. It doesn't matter if they're stories or comics, I like to have them on my shelf, it makes me feel comfortable. A home it's not a real home without books. I love coffee. So much that I could drink it every day. Especially when I feel cold. It's not just the coffee itself, it's the whole culture behinds it. The morning routine of taking a cup of coffee before starting to work. Drinking coffee with my friends or my beloved one it's the perfect excuse to get out and have some nice talk. And this subject leads me to Autumn/Winter. The most charming weather in the whole world. I love to take a hot bath, put some nice clothes and walk around the city, everything looks more beautiful when it's co