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Showing posts from April 24, 2011

urban outfitters - kitchen cuties

I was checking the Urban Outfitters website and I discovered some things that will turn your kitchen the cutest place of your home. You must agree with me, this Panda Mug is something to die for or what?

sushi memo block

It is a memo like a Sushi. Two-layers made of topping part and rice part. When you keep eating, it will be a rice only. So simple, so amazing! I need it in my desk, right now! Buy it here .

the fakery bakery

I have a thing for felt food, they're so cute! Especially when they're so well done like the ones from The Fakery Bakery store. Wish I had something like this when I was a kid, my tea parties would be so much better! Hope you all had a nice Easter Holiday! :)