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Showing posts from April 10, 2011

celentano woodworks

This is a very unusual instrument store! All designs by Celentano Woodworks are made to order and the sky is the limit, as you can see. This is the kind of thing you only dream about and suddenly you find out that someone already did it. Now I'm in serious doubt about the avocado and the apple ukulele, I think I want them all.

katie's something sweet

Are these for real? I dunno coz they're absolutely perfect! How can she make cookies like that? Katie's Something Sweet is a crime for our diet, ladies! (just kidding, i need it). Louboutin shoes in a cookie? How cute!

cat versus human

I'll never get tired of reading cat versus human . It must be one of my favorites ever! As a cat person I totally understand the jokes about living with a furry pet like my cat Felix. Besides, this girl is a talented artist! The comics are so cute! If you have a cat (or a dog, why not?) you should read it too ♥