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beautiful effects with the bokeh kit

Hello people! I'M BACK, yey. Oh, I've been so lazy after so many parties, carnival it's all about partying the whole time. But now it's time to come back to my lovely mission: to bring some cuteness for you. Did you already notice this effect on some photos? Bokeh ("blurred" in Japanese) is that beautiful out of focus blur that appears when your lens is set to a shallow depth of field. The Bokeh Kit actually turns those out of focus lights into any shape you place over your lens, it's so beautiful! Now you can make it on your own, with this awesome kit by Photojojo! Store . Quite simple to use, just place the Bokeh filter over your digital or film SLR lens (see specs for compatibility), and you're ready to turn an ordinary night-scape into a wondrous land of sparkling hearts, planes, birds, or happy faces.