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ex-boyfriend store

Matt Snow is the designer and owner of Ex-Boyfriend , an independent clothing and accessory label headquartered in beautiful Charm City, USA (also known as Baltimore, Maryland). Over the years, Ex-Boyfriend clothing has landed on bodies in all 50 United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia. That's over 700 cities in 20 different countries! Who knew there were so many kitten/zombie/robot/food/pop culture lovers in the world? Also I must say, Matt is a lovely guy! He came to me by e-mail, showing his store and he was totally right to say that my readers would love his designs. I'm the first to say I do! Note:  the Injured Owl design is actually from one of his guest artists , Jamie Fales, whose other stuff can be seen at her  Etsy shop . Oh! And there's another thing I want to share with you! I was mentioned on his website , isn't it awesome? I'm so happy! Thanks Matt! :)


Like it? Now let me tell you about StudioTO . Two artists using many ways to express their work. They do graphic design, illustrations and they also work with recycled materials such as cardboards and paper. If you want to see more of it, check it out their lovely blog !

candied soap bakery

Hi, sweeties! I'm back, again. I had to take a break cos my whole bedroom is passing through an extreme makeover and I had to turn off my PC for a couple of days. My life is so messy right now. I'm living on my couch, by the way. But I think next week things will be more quiet and organized, hope so. At least I have my PC back! Yay. So...let's return to the normal activities and thanks a lot for your pacience and love. I've found this store called Candied Soap Bakery , it's so sweet! And dangerous, they look so real I could eat them all.