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Showing posts from February 6, 2011

tiny owl's magic attic

OMG, this is a lovely collection! What a happy finding! Tiny Owl's Magic Attic belongs to Stephanie Dosen from England. Check it out more creations on Etsy .

steampunk ladies

I'm totally a fan of steampunk aesthetics and yesterday I've found these awesome costumes for ladies. For your inspiration, girls. Enjoy ♥

cute news!

Google Doodle let you explore the sea depths today, give it a try! Jules Verne is one of the pioneers of the science fiction literary genre and he was born on this day, February 8, 1828. It's so cute. I wonder how they do such a thing. That's why I love Google, they know how to make our geek proud reach another level.

Nothing better than have a cosy and unique place, to register memories. It was thinking this way, that Paola Miranda , designer and crafter, set up . Everything began when she was searching for a notebook that matched her, and as she did not find any, she decided to make it herself. Realizing that it was a success among her friends, she decided to commercialize it. The aim of is to offer a costumised and handmade notebook that can make people think about their creativity and, consequently, let their ideas flow. The store is already a partner of my blog and now she's about to become a dear friend too! As we live in the same city, we're planning a nice chat & coffee eventually. This is a nice oportunity to see her work by myself. It would be awesome if I could meet all my blogger friends! ♥