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sutakora coin bank

Hello readers! I have great news today! Milk Overdose and SugoiLife, Inc. are making an amazing partnership! Now all of you will have the oportunity to see cute and exclusive japanese products from this cool store right here, in our world of cuteness. So let's begin the party with something I think you'll love.

I present you the Sutakora Coin Bank! Drop a coin into the mouse's basket and watch as he teases the cat in front of him while making your money disappear! And it comes in two styles: American Shorthair and White Kitty. Each coin bank measures 4.96" x 5.56" and runs on two AA batteries. Love it? Me too. I can't wait to have one! Buy it here.

A special thanks to Emi Nakashima, who sent me cute e-mails and made this possible :)


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