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nunu's house

I have no words to describe it. Since I was a little girl I'm crazy about miniatures. I've seen dozens of cute little things but I've never ever seen anything like Nunu's House. I could spent hours just looking at these tiny sweeties and chairs and mini cupcakes. And what is this mini stove? Can I faint now? I think I'm having a cuteness overdose.


  1. omg! they are so perfect, cute, beutiful, they are WOW!
    i´m in love with it♥
    but it woul be most expensive no? and difficult obviously

  2. Cute !!!!!!! *--* Etto ._. Follow me? (:

  3. OMGeee! So perfect! I love how detailed everything is! So extremaly detailed! *O*
    I agree with you about the cuteness overdose!

  4. When can i move in?


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