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loveleesoaps - fun soaps for ages

OMG! These soaps are mouth watering! Is that even possible? So perfect I could eat it. But I guess it's not a good idea. I can perfectly imagine my bathroom full of these little cuties, it would be lovely. You can buy it here.


  1. Wow! I cannot believe how tasty these soaps look! I want to eat the cupcakes, donuts, and cinnamon rolls right now! :-)

  2. Oh my I REALLY love them,especially the cereal soaps!^3^

  3. ohh what a sweet idea <33 i like it & i want to eat it ;D do you now how much it cost?

  4. sure that they are soaps?
    see like really you can eat it =)
    they are lovely♥

  5. oh wow! Those buttons look so really!!

    whoever made these (I don't know if it was you or someone else) but whoever made these is really talented.

  6. i cant believe these are all soaps! Some of these look so realistic. I love the candy , how much would my kids love to wash with sweeties!! >_<

  7. how cute!!! looks so yummy! (・◡・)

  8. They look yummy!
    And so pretty! I'd never use them!


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