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who is pesoguin?


I bought a smartphone with android system last month and while I was downloading some apps I discovered this incredible virtual friend and I thought "wow, it's very popular and I never heard about it!".

So, what's a Pensoguin? It's an OMG SO CUTE imaginary animal similar to an emperor penguin's baby, which lives on the Internet, PCs, and mobile phones. It has recently expanded it's habitat into the real world as a stuffed animal and a character in a four-frame comic strip book. Oh! and of course it's japanese, from where else he could be besides Japan. Duh.


  1. Pesoguin is very cute!
    I posted about Pesoguin some days ago :3

  2. So, so cute! Thanks for introducing him to us! :-)

  3. Pesoguin is sooooo cute :33!!
    Thanks for showing :D

    Sorry I'm new to blogging >.< But please check out my blog

  4. meus deus O___O Isso eh tão fofinho

    Eu quero ummmmmm ... vomitei um arco-iris !

    lindo blog !

  5. The plushie! Me wants! So sweet! Japanese artists really are expert on kawaii! ♥

  6. Hello, could you please tell me, where can I buy Pesoguin plush dolls (the same as on the photo)?

  7. I ♥ pesoguin, do you know where can i buy the stuffed animal on the internet (in english if possible)?

  8. oh sorry i just saw you live in brazil, i live in mexico, did you buy them online? do you know if i can have them send to mexico?

  9. I discovered them the same way and I blogged about it on the same day also. <3 i'm glad not the only one to think it's cute.


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