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10 things about me

I love music. I need music like I need oxygen. My inspiration and dreams comes from what I listen to.

I love books. I love collecting them. I like the smell of printed pages. This is something I'm afraid to be taken of by technology. It doesn't matter if they're stories or comics, I like to have them on my shelf, it makes me feel comfortable. A home it's not a real home without books.

I love coffee. So much that I could drink it every day. Especially when I feel cold. It's not just the coffee itself, it's the whole culture behinds it. The morning routine of taking a cup of coffee before starting to work. Drinking coffee with my friends or my beloved one it's the perfect excuse to get out and have some nice talk.

And this subject leads me to Autumn/Winter. The most charming weather in the whole world. I love to take a hot bath, put some nice clothes and walk around the city, everything looks more beautiful when it's cold or raining. I love gray sky as much as I love the blue sky with no clouds, feeling a warm sun light but at the same time, wearing a coat. It's magical. I should live in another city.

I love cats. Well, I love all animals but cats are special. I understand them as they understand me. I own cats since I was a kid so...I can't imagine myself not living with these furry little creatures sleeping around and doing their lovely habits, like scratching my sofa and destroying my pantyhoses. Yes, I'm being sarcastic but the fact is, I always forgive them. I can't feel angry when my cat looks at me like with those big yellow eyes.

I love photography. When I realized that I could transfer my feelings into images, I felt in love with it. It's one of the most poetic ways to prove that sometimes, words are not enough.

I love my friends. Ok, this is redundant but the fact is, I could not live without them. Sometimes life gets pretty dark and they're are always there for me to show that I'm wrong when I say: "Life not worth it". Believe me when I say I was saved by them many times in my life.

I think it's the first time I can say that I'm really being loved by someone who really loves me the way I am. It's quite soon to say he's the one but what matters is I'm truly happy now. I'm not saying I've never been loved before but deeply in your heart you know when it's special.

I love fashion. I love buying new things to my wardrobe. I love being well-dressed. I love shoes, bags and cute necklaces. What should I wear today? It always depends on my mood. I love playing this game.

And for last...I love kawaii! That's why I have this blog!

Have a great weekend everyone! Btw, wednesday was my birthday! Yey :) 

Some images are from We Heart It: Books, Kawaii, Photography and Winter. And the rest are from personal archive.


  1. oOoooooo ! I love all the 10 things you love! i like how you're writing things like these that you can appreciate them more. It's nice that someone is thankful for something even when it's not thanksgiving yet :P


  2. just take your time with your boy - i told my bf just after a year that i loved him. love your blog :D

  3. how great. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Me and James have a our own coffee rituals too! There is something magical about it - I agree!

  5. I really love how you have written this post. It really shows that you live life on its details and I think that's the places where we can find pleasure and love - details. Also, when we love people and are loved by them we get the best of life! ♥
    Congrats on such a beautiful post! You've made me inspired.


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