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inspire me! with sugar

If you're having a tough day, here are some inspirational and amazing photos to make your day more sweet. Enjoy

Via Fuck Yeah, Num Nums! :3


  1. Whenever I see those sugar hearts in the store, I totally feel like buying them ... they're so cute!

    Oh, no more sweet pictures! I need to start a diet right away! :/

    hope you're having fun!

  2. lucky you! cos i've never saw these ones selling around here! or should i say...lucky me? haha :p

    oh don't say that..i totally need to start a diet but this cold weather makes me feel more hungry than usual, shit.

    hope you too! :D

  3. YUM!!! I've been craving sweets so much lately...eeeeek!

  4. me too! and i'm feeling totally guilty about that haha :x

  5. such a yummy collection of sweets, thanks for posting these pics!

  6. I love the pictures you posted!
    Food can be so pretty! ♥ I'd feel sad to eat those lovely treats! ^^

    By the way, Shiva is so pretty!

  7. thanks mokitty! shiva is a big dog now but i love this picture when he was just a puppy, so cute <3


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