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celentano woodworks

This is a very unusual instrument store! All designs by Celentano Woodworks are made to order and the sky is the limit, as you can see.

This is the kind of thing you only dream about and suddenly you find out that someone already did it. Now I'm in serious doubt about the avocado and the apple ukulele, I think I want them all.


  1. Este post me gusta mucho!!!
    Tu blog es fantastico! ;)
    Baci from babysan ^^

  2. quer fazer parceria com meu blog?

  3. They are fantastic and so unique! I love the fruits ones!

  4. Ah these are SO adorable! Love your blog!

    Cheers! -julie

  5. Wow! These are amazing!!! You have a beautiful blog :)

  6. Very cute!
    All in your site is cute!!!
    I'm following you.
    Visit my blog too; You will be welcome!


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