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Imaginarium is a store that I really love since we don't have other places that sells this kind of thing around here in Brazil. So I decided to show some new releases that I personally enjoy. For those who live here, check it out the store if you by any chance, pass through one.


  1. vou a falencia fácil com essa loja :~
    tudo lindo e fofo demais! XD

  2. ahh eu tenho essas mãos de pixel pra segurar mangás aqui, ganhei, são linnnndas! o/

  3. This is cute! I love the typewriter bag and biscotti the most!

  4. OMC (Oh my cute!♥)

    I really like your blog. The name 'Milk Overdose' I love!!
    I followed :3
    It would make me very happy if you visit my blog, Adorablee Cute ♥


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