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cute song of the day

Sometime ago I was completely in love with "All My Days" from Alexi Murdoch, which is part of the movie soundtrack "Away We Go". I knew this song before but the movie is so cute that now I love even most. But after the new release "Towards The Sun" I discovered another one to fall in love with. Hope you enjoy. The whole album is amazing!


  1. It is a very sweet beautiful song. I almost slept while listening to it XD (here its 10 am)
    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful song :)

  2. thanks! i'm glad you like it! actually, i listen to alexi murdoch when i have trouble sleeping :)

  3. OMC (Oh my cute~!♥)

    Hello. I have been reading your blog for long time; I am a follower. Care to give a little love to my blog? I am happy; I am closer to 100 follower now than ever~!!! (•'3'•)

  4. In COMPLETE LOVE with your blog
    everything is cute and sugary

    following x

    amy !

  5. Olá!!!
    Adoooro seu blog! São muitas inspirações e é muito divertido.
    Já estou te seguindo.

    Visite o meu também!



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