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popin' cookin' sushi

This might be the most awesome-weird-cute japanese thing I've ever seen in my life. Or not. Sometimes I think they come from another planet. Anyway...I NEED THIS NOW.

Via Daily What


  1. meu deus, estou vendo e não estou crendo o.o
    que coisa mais huuuummmm incrível!!! >.<
    eu quero, quero, quero brincar disso tb!!! =]

  2. lol. I've made sushi before and it's easier then that. But very interesting how you just ad water and powder to get the different parts.

  3. eu tb quero brincar com isso! alguém traz do japão pra gente? xD

  4. if you say so, maybe i should try nena! i'm totally addicted to sushi :)


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