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extinct toys

How amazing these handcrafted wooden toys inspired by recently extinct animals. Josh Finkle selected these four creatures for their beautiful shapes and patterns. Choosing an anthropomorphic approach, he designed them with simplified, humanistic shapes and statures. Once unfolded, the packaging becomes an information graphic about the animal inside. These toys are meant to incite wonder and interest in creatures that existed only a short while ago. Quite sad theme by they're so lovely!


  1. Hola Taby, como bien dices tu es triste pero son realmente hermosos. Sería bueno que las personas se interesaran más conocer a los animales y quizas se darían cuenta como cosas minimas que hacemos diariamente pueden dañarlos e incluso llevarlos a la extinción. Me gustaron muchos estos juguetes de madera, estan preciosos, pero sin duda lo que más me gustó es la información que llevan dentro. Te dejo cariños y besos.

  2. Hello milk O.D!...I've nominated you as a stylish blogger as you have the sweetest please come and collect if you fancy!



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