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ex-boyfriend store

Matt Snow is the designer and owner of Ex-Boyfriend, an independent clothing and accessory label headquartered in beautiful Charm City, USA (also known as Baltimore, Maryland). Over the years, Ex-Boyfriend clothing has landed on bodies in all 50 United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia. That's over 700 cities in 20 different countries! Who knew there were so many kitten/zombie/robot/food/pop culture lovers in the world? Also I must say, Matt is a lovely guy! He came to me by e-mail, showing his store and he was totally right to say that my readers would love his designs. I'm the first to say I do!

Note: the Injured Owl design is actually from one of his guest artists, Jamie Fales, whose other stuff can be seen at her Etsy shop.

Oh! And there's another thing I want to share with you! I was mentioned on his website, isn't it awesome? I'm so happy! Thanks Matt! :)


  1. Oh, cool! I particularly like the hoodie with the DJ dog :).



  2. i thought it was a cat! hahahaha :x
    tight hug miki!

  3. His art is unique! I love the funny twist on the hoodies and bag!
    And he also seems to be so nice!

  4. Aw, the "I need a hug" one is so freaking cute >___<

    Lovely designs, btw~

  5. nice sharing dear. I also can't say it confidently, whether its a cat, or a dog :), but its good to know about Matt snow..

  6. Amazing prints. I just love to wear painted t shirts, rather then the dyed or the printed . Also the chosen colors are adding style to the shirts. So nice dear


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