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cute news!

First of all, I missed you! These days were full of technical issues, busy work life and social events who took all my precious time for blogging, which doesn't make me sad cos I'm living somehow. But I couldn't resist to all the cuteness around and thank god I have a place to write about it and I love it so much

I'm thinking about making a new category here: cute news! Sounds fun? A dear friend told me about this just today and it's so cool that I have to share with you. An island with cute pigs swimming and having a good time at the beach? Thanks a lot The Sun!


  1. :D Welcome back!! Cute news sounds like a good idea! I think you should do it!

  2. OMG! Cute news sounds like an awesome idea, please please please do it! I love all the things on your blog and I know cute news will be so awesome!

  3. Biemvenida de vuelta blogmundo. Espero que se hayan solucionado tus problemas y que podamos leerte más seguido. Me gustó la idea de la que te habló tu amiga y la comparto totalmente. Y con respecto al post ¡amé la isla con cerditos!, son muy tiernos.
    Saludos y cariños :3

  4. thanks for the support, girls! i'll do it! i'm glad you like it <3


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