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kluke art by miriam moshinsky

I just love this type of art, kinda cute and surreal like those Mark Ryden paintings. This work by  Miriam Moshinsky aka Kluke Mars is totally amazing!

cute song of the day

It's a catchy song, the video it's an awesome and cute  arts and crafts history of the world. I can't find a reason for not loving it . It reminds me some cool indie bands I used to listen back in the late 90's. A little bit Camera Obscura, a little bit Ben Kweller...with a taste of freshness. Find out more of it on Kalle Mattson .

inspire me! with words

Just a few images with random words that makes you think. Enjoy . Via We  ♥  It.

sutakora coin bank

Hello readers! I have great news today! Milk Overdose and SugoiLife, Inc. are making an amazing partnership! Now all of you will have the oportunity to see cute and exclusive japanese products from this cool store right here, in our world of cuteness. So let's begin the party with something I think you'll love. I present you the Sutakora Coin Bank ! Drop a coin into the mouse's basket and watch as he teases the cat in front of him while making your money disappear! And it comes in two styles: American Shorthair and White Kitty. Each coin bank measures 4.96" x 5.56" and runs on two AA batteries. Love it? Me too. I can't wait to have one! Buy it here . A special thanks to Emi Nakashima, who sent me cute e-mails and made this possible :)

tickle monster mitts

How cute is this Tickle Monster gloves? I guess there a lot of mommies and daddies who would like to buy it to play tickles with their kids! 

jump from paper bags

This 2 dimensional looking bag plays a fun "trick on the eye" and it's a cool way to tote your stuff. Cartoon-like outlines and bright and cheerful colors add a brisk and funky flavor. Despite the slim appearance, each JumpFromPaper™ bag has a roomy interior to accommodate personal belongings and even a laptop. And what do I think about these bags? Easy...I MUST HAVE THEM. This is sooo me :3

mymimi collection

If you're thinking "my bedroom looks boring", here's a great opportunity to make it cute. Buy some happy pillows from Mymimi Collection , put them in your bed and you'll wake up smiling!'s been a while since my last post. Shame on me! For now, I won't be promising that I'll keep you posted daily, but I promise that I'm gonna try harder and come here more often. October is being a very busy and exhausting month. Besides my daily work, can you imagine I'm producing a huge halloween party? Me either. I don't sleep anymore, I just die on the bed every night. Jeez.

everything cupcake!

Lots of cuties about the most desirable thing in the whole world of internet and beyond. Enjoy  ♥ And you can find them here: Rosie Ann Jellyfish Keep Calm Shop BeautySpot DIVINEsweetness Shimrita Girlz Lyfe Tracy Joy Amazon Bakerella

cuties from little moose

It's impossible to not fall in love with everything in Little Moose store. Even the website is cute! And these bags...oh my, can I have all of them? :3