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Showing posts from November 28, 2010


Bored with ordinary post-it stuck all over your desk? These leaf-shape post-it is a fabulous way to grow own tree. Absolutely beautiful stationary item, it's a must have. Find it on APPREE website.

adidas twitter superstars

Before you think about running to the next Adidas store - like I almost did - stop and read this. This is a project by Gerry Mckay , which is a reflection on how social networks grew through these years and how popular is the aesthetic look of them. I'm a heavy user from both tools but I think Twitter shoe is sooo much cooler than Facebook ! It's a great idea, I hope Adidas can turn this on reality soon.

angel wings cookie cutters

These angel wings shaped cookies look so yummy! I just love when creativity meets cute. You can buy the cookie cutters here . Via Holycool


In Japan it's quite normal to find those vending machines in the street and a very popular one is the photo booths, also called Purikura. The cool thing about Purikura culture is that some particular photo booths are very very cute! And you can also decorate your pictures with lots of kawaii figures. I won't say how jealous I feel about japanese girls cos it's pretty obvious. Why they have the cutest things on earth in one place? Ok, back to the point. Inspired by Purikura, I want to introduce you to the Puricute website! It's like a social networking where people can upload their pictures, decorate them with adorable stamps and frames and share with others! Besides that, Puricute also runs amazing contests and you have the chance to win lots of prizes. What are you waiting for? There's a suuuper cute Chibi Disney contest running right now! Run run! And don't forget to make your own Puricute photo!

sparklesnglitter kawaii shop

If you love kawaii, you must know the SparklesNGlitter shop. There you'll find necklaces, cards, cell phone cases and other cool things to buy. Go go go, now! And don't forget to check the Coffee Collection, it's absolutely cute! Since the owner of the shop wrote me a cute e-mail asking for the post, I was anxious to show her amazing work. What a talented artist! A word from this blogger to the readers: sorryyyyy! I've been missing, I know. I've won a ticket to Planeta Terra concert and I had to go but it was in another city so I took the pleasure to travel a little bit and enjoy a few more days. Phoenix was playing while me and my friend got there, what a great show! But the major reason to be there was for The Smashing Pumpkins, of course. I know they're not the same anymore and without James Iha the brilliant songs are losing their shine but for me the emotion was priceless. I fucking love this band since I was a