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Showing posts from November 7, 2010

curious breakfast

Paper Donut™ is a french collective, directed by Alexis Facca with help of many hands . Nice project! Love the paper food, looks perfect and yummy.

amazing art installation

A giant monkey made of flip-flops was erected in São Paulo, Brazil, ahead of Pixel-Show 2010 , an international art and design conference. Wish I could see this for myself cos I pretend to go to São Paulo soon so I hope they keep it until I got there. Via The Daily What

handmade food rings

The SouZouCreations store is based on Fukuoka (Japan) but the responsible for all this is a canadian artist named Sofia. They offer kawaii handmade sweets jewelry and other cute things on Etsy. Must see!

kawaii doughnut cushion-hannari

That's right. This is a Kawaii Cute Japanese Doughnut Cushion-Hannari Tofu-Pink Plum Blossom Tofu . There is pink plum blossom on her head. The shape is like doughnut. And the other one is a Kawaii Cute Japanese Doughnut Cushion-Hannari Tofu-Matcha Green Tea Tofu . There is green tea leaf on her head. I don't know why this description needs to be so complicated but who cares, it's so cute! Now try to read it faster three times.

the giveaway winner is...

JUST JINGLE! from How cool! I don't know her but her blog is very sweet. Well, if I could choose I wish to give lots and lots of cute presents for everybody but for now, she's the lucky one! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'll send an e-mail about shipping information. Thanks a lot to all of you for your participation, it was great! Can't wait for the next giveaway! ♥

kim-anh nguyen art

Kim-Anh is a 21 years old talented artist, who lives in a little town in Geneva (Switzerland) called Carouge. Her style has a strong tattoo influence with an oriental-cute touch, very original. But since she appeared around my blog and turned a Milk's friend, I realized she's not just talented but very sweet. Hope you like the post Kim!  You already know I'm fan but now I'm turning public.

cute song of the day

It's been a while since my last "cute song" post so now it's time for one of my favorite bands and I can say for sure, one of the happiest songs ever. Florence makes me want to run and jump and spin around like a kid. Enjoy.