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sanrio small gifts exhibition

Sanrio Small Gifts Exhibition it's happening in Los Angeles at Barker Hangar and it's a celebration of Sanrio's 50th anniversary, and also a revival of the winning exhibition of Small Gifts Miami during Art Basel.

The exhibition is a collaboration between Sanrio and 50 contemporary artists such as Buff Monster, Gary Baseman, Simone Legno and Paul Frank. Each artist will transform his or her favorite Sanrio character with respective distinctive styles and aside from the exhibition, the occasion will also feature a pop-up shop, interactive activities, fun and games.

The event will run from November 12 to November 21, so enjoy the cuteness before it ends!


  1. Cute! I'd love to see it with my own eyes. I'll tell David about it, but I'm not sure he'll want to go, haha.

    Btw, I told my sister about the flip-flop art display and she told me she thought she knew where that was ;). She's in Sao Pablo right now.


  2. I would like to be in LA...
    I love the 7th picture! So cute...

  3. me too! tell him, who knows..maybe he'll surrender the cuteness :p

    oh really? and what she's doing there, just visiting? i'm going next weekend! it looks a park i know but i'm not sure..can't help, sorry!

    hug :)

  4. oh, it's really lovely, i agree :)
    i like baseman work too! it's the 6th.


  5. The one with the garden statues makes me happy!


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