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In Japan it's quite normal to find those vending machines in the street and a very popular one is the photo booths, also called Purikura. The cool thing about Purikura culture is that some particular photo booths are very very cute! And you can also decorate your pictures with lots of kawaii figures. I won't say how jealous I feel about japanese girls cos it's pretty obvious. Why they have the cutest things on earth in one place?

Ok, back to the point.

Inspired by Purikura, I want to introduce you to the Puricute website! It's like a social networking where people can upload their pictures, decorate them with adorable stamps and frames and share with others! Besides that, Puricute also runs amazing contests and you have the chance to win lots of prizes. What are you waiting for? There's a suuuper cute Chibi Disney contest running right now! Run run! And don't forget to make your own Puricute photo!


  1. Ahh, eu adoro esse site ♥
    Vivo decorando minhas fotos nele
    Fica tudo tão fofo *-*


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