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kim-anh nguyen art

Kim-Anh is a 21 years old talented artist, who lives in a little town in Geneva (Switzerland) called Carouge. Her style has a strong tattoo influence with an oriental-cute touch, very original. But since she appeared around my blog and turned a Milk's friend, I realized she's not just talented but very sweet. Hope you like the post Kim!  You already know I'm fan but now I'm turning public.


  1. ha yes! you figured it out! :) thanks so much. and for some reason the cute song won't play for me :(

  2. aw that's a shame! maybe your flash player needs an upgrade, i don't know. did you try it on youtube?

  3. I love Totoro illustration..Is so Cute!! <3 <3 <3

    Bye! ^-^

  4. Lindinhas as ilustrações, dá vontade de colorir!

    Camila F.

  5. I love Kim's art, too! I've purchased two cards from her and were so fraking lovely it was super hard to write on them and send them, haha. But I did, and I know they're well taken care of :).

    Hope all is gret there!

  6. awww <3 you're so sweet :)

    THANK YOU <3 it made my day :)


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