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hello kitty plushie sneakers

OMG! This is certainly a must have! Hello Kitty has teamed up with Reebok to create these stuffed sneakers for all the kitty fans. They're are available only in Japan, that's a shame. I really really want one!


  1. Awe, these are so cute! I want the pink ones! They'd be super difficult to match with my wardrobe, but I still want them, hehe.

    Hope you're better now whatever you were dealing with :).



  2. o rosa é muuuuito fofinho! o preto também achei legal, ain que droga que não vende aqui :x

  3. me too! well, i think the black legging is a good tip for use it and still don't look silly wearing those's the kind of thing u buy just for the cuteness!

    ys, i'm..thanks for asking! ^^
    welcome back, i missed ur comments here. give an entry on the giveaway! i think you'll like the prizes.

    tight hug miki!

  4. Que gracinha, fofo demais!

    Camila F.


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