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DIY fluffies

Aren't they the cutest toys for kids? If I had a baby, this lovely pink elephant would be my first choice to buy. They seem really soft! Check it out the online store.

I'm really sorry for these days without showing up, I had some personal issues to deal but the giveaway is still running! You can't miss it, just leave an entry and good luck!


  1. the store is super cute *v* I really love the elephant!!
    And I'm so honored that you want to follow my blog! Your is really really cool :)
    good luck you too in theese days!

  2. They really are so cute!
    Glad to see you again * _ *

  3. thanks chiaracat! good luck for you too dear :)

  4. sometimes we need a break but i'm back! thanks batty :)


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