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accessorize cuties

I was checking the Accessorize website looking for new collections and stuff and I've found some pretty cute things in both stores, Brazil and UK. So here are the best ones from Brazil:

And some cuties from the UK store:

The cuttiest one by far. I almost got crazy! I need all this,


  1. ahh nao dá nem pra ver direito de tanta vontade que tenho de ter quase tudo! LINDO!

  2. Aweee, I need to have the white cat ring! I wish it were available in Brazil so I could ask my sis to get it for me :(.

    She's there on vacation. Her boyfriend is Brazilian (50% Nigerian), so she goes pretty often.

    Taby! Too bad you couldn't see Belle & Sebastian live! :( Hope you can see the other bands you were planning to see. And let me know if you're coming to Buenos Aires, all right? :)

  3. pois é carol, rolou um surto quando fui navegar por todas as áreas do site, morri -___0

  4. Soo cute! Where can I buy the cute fur cozy hat with the pom poms?? Love it so much!!!

  5. yeah, i feel kinda frustrated about they not having those things here..i don't know why the brazilian store doesn't sell these cuties, it's a shame..

    wow, long distance relationships are quite hard but how cool!

    i bought the bus ticket just today, my travelling this weekend is getting official, finally! can't wait to see pavement and billy corgan..but buenos aires for now it's not possible. maybe next year! hope so :)

  6. I always have such a hard time not buying the entire store when I'm at Accessorize!

  7. Oh, for the love of cuteness! Now I have a list!

  8. awww too much cute for my eyes! : D love it ^^

    kises from Spain!

  9. Wow! I love the rings you posted!
    Too bad there's no Accessorize stores near me.
    I'd love to have an owl ring!
    And those tic tac toe games! The pieces are so cute!;D

  10. ahhh, cada coisa absurdamente fofa ♥

    Mas eu sempre passo na Accessorize do shopping Paulista e nunca vi essas fofuras por lá ;-;
    Tem umas coisas fofas (até já fiz umas compras por lá), mas nada como desse post.


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