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featured on chocolate popsicle

Milk was featured on Chocolate Popsicle, a blog about amigurumi and other cute things. Thanks for the blog love


  1. You're welcome o3o I couldn't not feature your blog xD it's so full of cute~♪

    Keep keeping it cute!!

  2. Haha, I said "cute" like a hundred times xD well, not that much but still xD

    Sorry, I can't help it~

  3. hahaha that's ok, u make cuteness i show cuteness and we are full of cuteness, can't help it ^^

  4. Nossa, quantas fofurinhas reunidas em um único lugar... Já pensou encher a casa com esses mimos. Ficaria show!

  5. Hey, Taby! GREAT news! Belle & Sebastian are coming to South America! I've already bought my ticket for the 9th row, yay, yay! I don't know if they're going to Brazil after or before Argentina. I don't know, just saying, in case you didn't know. I've found today.

    And, by the way, I've tagged you with ablog award :).

    Have a nice night!

  6. hey miki! so that's great news for you and me cos' they are coming to brazil too! yay! and i'll go for sure! it's gonna be in my city |o|

    i'm planning to go to buenos aires cos there's a rumor about black rebel motorcycle club it's gonna make a show around there! can't wait!

    i'll follow ur blog award, thanks! <3
    tight hug!

  7. Taby, let me know if you want to come for Belle & Sebastian, too. I can help you if you want, finding a cheap place to stay, picking you up from the airport and such, all right?

    I'll try to be alert in case I hear something about Black Revel Motorcycle Club.Are you sure they're touring after Michael Been's death?



  8. i think they're coming anyway, even after this tragic moment. well, i hope so! a friend of mine told me this week but it's not confirmed yet.

    for belle & sebastian it doesn't need, of course it would be cool to see them there but it's cheaper for me to see them here! and all my friends will be there too but thanks a lot! it's good to know that i can count on you :)

    with black rebel or not, i would love to go to buenos aires soon! i'll let u know, of course. it would be lovely to know u in person!


  9. Parabéns!
    Você merece, seu blog é realmente uma fofura ♥

  10. Yay! Fingers crossed so I can meet you! :)


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